ProCog – Transparent Search Engine

[shared via Google Reader from Phil Bradley’s weblog]


A good new entry into the search engine arena. ProCog – short for Proficient Cognition is calling itself a transparent search engine. It does a good job of basic search, but its real strength is providing you with information about a website when it has identified it for you. This is what the results screen looks like:

Not particularly attractive I’ll agree, but the fun stuff occurs in the links under the results. SEO Report, Scoring, Duplicates, Site-inlinks, Traffic, Sections, Cached, Reindex. Each of those links provides a host of valuable material, not just for the SEO team who are involved with the site, but for the rest of us as well. Who is linking to a site, what common material does it share, how old it is and so on.

A nice feature is the ability to compare results between ProCog and Google, seeing them side by side, although for this to work you do have to create an account. I don’t yet see much value in having an account other than to see this, and I wonder at the extent that they just want to get a user base for some reason in the future. ProCog has indexed a billion plus pages so it has a reasonable database, but nothing to write home about. It has basic search functionality (and, or, phrase) but no advanced search and no option for searching images, news, video and the rest.

This is really a search engine that works best in the discovery of factual information about a site. It would be valuable if you’re trying to check authority for example, but remember that it’s still in beta, so can be a little irritating (I had to go back and reinput my search terms a few times for example, and it can be rather slow), but it’s worth a quick 5 minute explore.