Daydream Catcher – A song

This is a lyrical re-working of an instrumental I uploaded recently called Classical Wax. Quite pleased with the fade out if you want to skip to 5’04″ and my attempt at a Geddy style bass lick. It’s quite long, did I say? Spot the other references…not too hard: Rush in general, R.E.M. (for nonsense ad libbed lyrics), Peter Gabriel (for reverb), U2 (guitar solo) et cetera, et cetera…don’t ask me what it’s meant to mean.

Daydream Catcher

Those endless days of dreaming, are ones never wasted…

Who’s to say what that feeling’s all about?
Who’s to tell you how to live your life?
Chasing up the daily grind, escape the truth take a mindful time
I can tell that you really don’t care. It’s easy now, ’cause you’ve time to spare
Build your picture, choose your side. Wake each morning safe in the light

I can’t handle your rejection, moving onward if I fall
But if ever you can find me, won’t you catch me after all?

Before it’s over. Change.

Stand in my way ’til tomorrow I will happily walk away
How empty words mean something to you I cannot understand today
(If my stronger words mean nothing to you, then I will have to walk away)
I would gladly walk if I could see, rather walk… than see the shadows growing
Another lonely day, another empty world

I can’t handle that rejection, moving on, I choose travel for protection, moving onward after all
But wherever you will find me, I’ll still catch you if you fall

Day dreams…capturing the light


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