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Georgeta Drul? of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies at the University of Bucharest, Romania, has an interesting theory about how media companies implement the social media strategy for their journalistic products. In particular his research has focused on how such companies are expanding their use of user-generated content and social media platforms to pull in new audiences and to create new media products.

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Her survey of media companies and journalists offers a finding that hopefully many of us in the trade already know: “The results of this study showed that it is important for the journalists to know how to create content for the web according to its specific standards and at the same time, to apply the basic journalistic rules.” From the company/brand perspective, as opposed to the journalistic perspective, it seems that it is really all about marketing potential and in this regard being active online appears to boost audience number

She points out, however, that while there are many online opportunities for media companies, there remain threats and challenges that must be addressed, such as: social media platforms used with media sites are still chosen without a well-defined purpose, negative user comments can be detrimental to the brand, a significant amount of user content is not useful to the news flow, but it is saved on various platforms of media companies, finding approaches to select the users’ multimedia content for the news flow.

“For a media product such as a news portal, social media accounts are used for brand awareness and interactivity,” Drul? says, “For a news agency, Twitter is a good platform for latest information, and Facebook permits dialogues with the users/audience.”

Research Blogging IconDrulă G. (2013). The role of social media for media companies, International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing, 2 (1/2) 6. DOI:

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Media, marketing, mutuality

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