Lemon and Limelight – a cover song http://bit.ly/178RVvq

Lemon and Limelight – my cover version of the Rush classic from the 1981 album Moving Pictures. That Geddy Lee not half sings high, eh? As if we didn’t know. To play this in the original key, I had to sing an octave below Mr Weinrib. Anyway, me on vocals, electric guitar with less hair than Lerxst, and spankin’ da bass for Mr McNamara.

MIDI drums and keyboards courtesy of 2112.net’s Xanadu archives.

I tried a variation on the guitar solo rather than playing it exactly as Lifeson does. Bass all improvised in a single take (noisy and messy, I know). The timestamp for this cover just has to be 12 minutes past nine in the evening…obviously.


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