Mix tape http://bit.ly/ZHZ05D

In the old days, when home taking was skill in music (and never did kill music) we used to make and receive mix tapes, a bunch of their favourite songs, recorded from vinyl on to a cassette tape, with all the space filled as best you could and the order of the songs – the sequence – almost as important as the choice of tracks itself. Those days are probably long gone, I cannot remember the last time I put a cassette into a cassette player, although we did go to a vinyl party not too long ago where we all turned up with ancient 45s and sat around reminiscing about the good old days, drinking and inevitably having a good-old fashioned bop.

Meanwhile, the modern-day equivalent of the mixtape is the playlist, do people actually share those? But for those of us who write and record our own music and do the occasional cover songs, there’s a use to be had from the playlist, here’s one I did with some of my stuff on SoundCloud. It’s a mixture of originals and a few covers (marked as such). About 45 minutes should fit on to one side of a C90 cassette…


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