Fascinating Portraits Of What Families Around The World Eat In A Week

[shared via Google Reader from TAXI Daily News]

After his very successful book Material World: A Global Family Portrai, which showcases the possessions of families from around the world, photojournalist Peter Menzel has produced another fascinating project that analyses what 30 families from 24 countries eat in a week.

Featuring portraits of families from diverse cultural backgrounds being surrounded by their weekly groceries, Hungry Planet: What The World Eats In A Week not only reveals the very different kinds of food that people from different parts of the world eat, but also how much they consume in a week.

Flipping through these portraits, it becomes clear that people from developing countries eat very differently from people of developed nations.

Ironically, poorer families tends to eat better, more nutrients-rich food like fresh vegetables and grains while more well-off families indulge in processed food and soft drinks.

This eye-opening book makes us wonder if progress is such a good thing after all—view more portraits from Hungry Planet below and over here.

[via Visual News]


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