Deblur your blurry photos

[shared via Google Reader from Songs, Snaps and Science]

There are many causes of blur in a photo: camera shake, moving object and to slow a shutterspeed, or inept focusing. You cannot add information to a dodgy photo but you can sharpen them up somewhat using unsharp mask and various techniques in the likes of Photoshop. Scientists are working on algorithms that can reverse engineer blur and shuffle pixels to make it look as if the image isn’t as blurred as you thought. And, of course, there’s the Lytro camera that doesn’t need focusing at all and you can shift the focal point and depth of field after you’ve taken a snap with it.

Meanwhile, here’s a Windows app – SmartDeblur – that calls itself a user-friendly tool but has a comprehensive array of features for reducing blur in your photos whether you took them on a super-high resolution digital SLR or with the feeble little camera in your iPhone (tee hee) or other smart phone.

The creators of the app say it can remove motion blur, Gaussian blur and out of focus blur. It also has a blind deconvolution module that disentangle different types of blur in the same photo and make it sharper.

SmartDeblur – blurred images restoration.


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