SoundCloud, the aural alternative to Youtube

I’ve been a SoundCloud user since the summer of 2009. Early on I posted instrumentals, jams and various instrumental cover versions. During the last year I’ve added my vocals to the mix and split my posts up into three sets: Covered (covers), Uncovered (originals) and Naked Instrumentals (instrumentals). Earlier this week, the account passed the 20,000 listens point (which doesn’t include counts for some songs I deleted early on). Anyway, here’s what I say in my SoundCloud bio if you want to check out my page on the site.


Singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar, indie, rock, pop, a bit of bluesy-jazz silliness. Trying to post originals and instrumentals regularly as well as covers: Athlete, The Beatles, David Bowie, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, The Police, R.E.M., Rolling Stones, Rush, Snow Patrol, The Smiths, Rod Stewart, Paul Weller, The Who etc. Have worked on a few online collaborations, always looking for SoundClouders with a song just crying out for guitar and vocals…message me.

Kit: Ibanez acoustic and electric six string guitars, 1960s Antoria Gibson Custom Les Paul, Eko 12-string guitar, Ovation electro-acoustic, Yamaha RBX170 electric bass. Recording with MXL 990 Condenser Microphone through M-AUDIO USB interface to DAW, mixing with a range of VST plugins. Also, Yamaha FX500 unit and Line6 JM4 looper, Line6 amp for live.

Love to follow other SoundClouders posting their own original stuff (and covers of great songs), acoustic, indie, rock, pop, countless genres, singers, singer-songwriters etc.

However, if you’re posting DnB, dubstep, progressive house, death metal, stuff with klaxons, foghorns and other overtly dissonant noises and/or aggressive expletives, I may have a listen, but I’m unlikely to follow back.


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