Instant Punk – an instrumental break with Daft Punk

I get addicted to songs. A few weeks ago it was Bruno Mars’ Locked out of Heaven, before that it was Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty, then it was Peter Gabriel’s Here Comes the Flood. This week it’s not the whole song I’m addicted to, although I do like the “lady robot”* voice Julian Casablancas has on Instant Crush from Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories, it’s just the main riff. I looped it in my DAW, set my software up to give my Ibanez electric a fairly cliched early 1990s heavy metal shredding sound and then just had a go at some good-old-fashioned shredding. Not, sure I succeed particularly well although it was fun to do and there are a few cool licks in there, I think. Anyway, here’s the final mix.

*My mate Simon‘s toddler daughter loves the AutoTune/Vocoder voice DP give Casablancas on this song, apparently.


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