Collateral Damage – a song

A self-penned song with yours truly on vocals, guitar and bass with drum loops. Now with hopefully toughened up vocals…please excuse the John Lennon reverb and the reverse guitar in the intro at 0’09″ and heavily flanged guitar solo (at 1’36″), couldn’t resist in this song, which seems to have turned into some kind of hybrid Rush-Lennon-Oasis pastiche…helped by my voice being rather nasal today due to a bout of pollen-induced allergic rhinitis (hayfever, that’s my excuse for the pitchiness too). I used some of the lyrics and themes in an earlier collaborative track, which I’ve now abandoned in favour of this heavier and hopefully more straightforward song without keyboards.

Collateral Damage

Waking up to the sins of the fathers
No sword to ploughshare, the battle’s just begun
We are marching in time to a distant beat
Tense with fear, we know this war will over run

Think of somewhere that you’d rather be
You can’t fight it you just have to change the world
There’s karma, riding the stormy sea
But in time…
Isn’t freedom worth fighting for? Are we free to fight?
Fight no more? Are we free

Working up to the life that we’re living
It’s not easy, now it’s just 9 to 5
I think I found a time when I was forgiven
But there’s no turning back now we have arrived

The sins of the fathers they haunt us
And we really have to wonder why
In a past life they left none to call us
Without direction it’s not hard to lie

Please take me to that place, where peace surrounds and there’s no disgrace
Walk me through the open space, where peace abounds and we all embrace

Please take me to that place, where peace surrounds and there’s no disgrace


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