ZenMate – Virtual Private Networking extension for Chrome

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ZenMate – Virtual Private Networking extension for Chrome


Frog longevity

We’ve been in our current home since 1998 and that spring I filled the garden pond having carefully found new homes for the frog spawn and the resident frogs (neighbours with ponds, basically), we had tiny children it had to be done. The next year, some of the frogs re-appeared, nothing odd there, they were presumably looking for their aquatic love nest. It was always nice to see a few hopping among the herbaceous borders. I assume they aren’t leaving and coming back they just hide themselves away, hibernating from autumn to spring as the species is wont to do.


I took photos of some them back in the day when I was still using a film camera, then I moved on to digital and carried on snapping the amphibian visitors…each year. We’ve been down to just one visitor – a European common frog (Rana temporaria) – each summer now, same little creature each time. I’ve got a digital photo of it from March 2003 and several from subsequent years. It has the same markings (although obviously it’s looking a lot older now! LOL. There is evidence that some frogs can live between 4 and 15 years, although difficult to tag, ring or chip and pin frogs I’d have thought. This could very well be a gerontological specimen of the equivalent in human years of 100 years. Maybe I should contact the local wildlife trust or the Queen, so she can send her traditional 100th birthday telegram.

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Fighting Talk – a song

The original version of this was one of the first vocal compositions I posted on SoundCloud wayback when – Fighting Between the Wars it was originally called – and it’s had a few acoustic outings at small musical events over the months. However, I fancied taking it in an entirely new direction for a reworking with a pseudo-Nile Rodgers guitar sound and a bit of mixing trickery to get the strummy second guitar to sound more like a Rhodes electric piano than a guitar in places. There have been a few tweaks to the lyrics, which are roughly about war, peace, love, hate, fighting fires, domestic violence, (dis)honour among thieves and growing up in a “between the wars” house, sort of…

In kinder times, they’re sinning, but forsaken there’s no winning
The judges call and we have to tell them no
The thieves are running wild. But, they’re drinking blessed mild,
and all our thoughts are with them as they go

Won’t you run this way with me?
I’m fighting fires a little better this time
Won’t you run away with me
or we carry on until we feel nothing

Fighting between the wars, take a chance or break a law
Hoping they’ll never catch us now we’re running
Facing up to older scores, Evened odds we’ve had before
But, we can seek neutrality

The gentler hand that’s feeding, takes the food that we’re all needing
The judgement scorns the honour that they show
The thieves once running wild now screaming, “Mercy mild!”
still all our thoughts are with them as they go

Won’t you hide away with me?
I found the fire a little warmer this time
Won’t you come and stay with me
Or we carry on as if we feel nothing

Fighting between the wars, take a chance on broken laws
Hoping they’ll never catch us now we’re running
Facing up to colder scores, Even gods we’ve heard before
But, we can face neutrality

Fighting between the wars, the fire’s gone out, there is no more
Knowing they’ll never catch us now
Sailing up to golden shores, we can hear the ocean’s roar
Now we have found neutrality

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