Instagram Filter Fakers #nofilter

nofilterOne of the most popular hashtags on Instagram is apparently #nofilter. I assume users add it to their images to somehow create an air of authenticity, to display their raw photographic skills. But, if you’ve not been honest, the website “Filter Fakers” will call you out. It has been set up to design filter frauds, users who definitely did apply a filter but then claimed #nofilter. The site posts the fraudulent photo and a link to your Instagram account. I’m not sure whether that’s entirely legal, but it looks like a great way to get more traffic to your Instagram page either way.

David Bradley Instagram Photos


Forget whether someone used the right hashtag or not. Someone should build a site that displays Instagram photos that are actually aesthetically pleasing, artistic even, filtered or not. You know ones where the horizon is level, that capture the beauty and essence of their subject or by contrast highlight the dark side of the human condition. Photos where the main subject is sharp and in focus. Photos where they either follow the rule of thirds, or break it deliberately, for aesthetic effect. Images where tops of heads and feet are not accidentally cropped by ineptitude. Snaps with bite. Shots that shoot from the hip.

From my own short foray into the world of Instagram (active since June 2011), I suspect that site will remain a white blank page for quite some time to come…

A Website That Exposes Instagram #nofilter Fakers.


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