Word to the Wise – a song

We got both kinds of music here Georde and Western. This track started life as an attempt at a Knopfleresque instrumental where I used a Hendrix-style guitar sound for the long, long solo. But, I thought it was begging for some words…so here’s the lyrical version of the Jimi Knopfler Plays Country now going by the name of “A Word to the Wise”

Sitting back on hope and despair
Not really the place you want to be
No, not anywhere

Checking out without a care
Another day, another road
Won’t bear your heavy load

Even though the story’s told a thousand times or maybe more
You feel you’re the only one, who ever cries
A word to the wise, there’s no relief, no, no release in a bottle
Just reflections of the stranger you see in your eyes

A word to the wise
A word to the wise

No need to despise yourself you see as you change
You can walk away
But you might find it happens just the same

via Songs, Snaps and Science http://bit.ly/12e0O6w