David Bradley – Uncovered

Volume II of my collection of original songs – album entitled “Uncovered Again” – is gradually coming together:

So far it ncludes my tribute to Nile Rodgers – (Dancing with the famous) Funktastic!!! My tribute to Voyager 1 and the late Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot. And various songs about the usual subjects: war, freedom, love, hate, poverty, loss, mourning, death, oh, and alcoholism. I’m in the middle of writing another song about poverty with the working title of “The hand-me-down parade”…cheery stuff, y’all.

But, if you don’t want the downer of all that misery…albeit upbeat, rocking misery, I suggest you just put Funktastic!!! on auto-repeat and get dancing ;-)

(Vol I – David Bradley Uncovered – is here if you want more up-tempo misery)

via http://imagingstorm.co.uk/david-bradley-uncovered.html


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