The golden age of addiction – a song(s)

In case you missed it, compulsion, addiction and self-destructive behaviour seem to walk hand-in-hand with the music industry from way before the jazz age right up to the present day. The glass is always completely full, even if it’s half empty. But, some do come back from the brink, thankfully.

Here’s a sneak preview of my new seasonal song.

It kicks off with a traditional pseudojazz-blues progression lamenting the loss, the cold of winter, the almost forgotten warmth of summer, it could almost be a love song, but then what is love but an addiction? Well-worn paths of jazz and blues often with the allusion to a girl called Mary Jane, another who goes by the name of Lucy and has skin that is golden brown.

As the “chills begin to start” it heads off into a weird, trippy quasi-dubstep world that recalls the seemingly, screamingly endless pain of withdrawal…

The song is currently available via a locked down link on my SoundCloud page. My collaborator is working on some keyboards for the jazz section…

It’s called Winter Warmer and will feature in vol II of the David Bradley Uncovered Again playlist.



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