Selfie to #unselfie @CR_UK


The selfie – a photo you took yourself and shared online – has been around for many years, coined in that context around 2002. Apparently some slebs are even getting in on the act and posting their own selfies. The self-portrait is nothing new, of course, with artists through the ages having struck their own likeness in a wide range of materials from ground up earthly pigments daubed on prehistoric cave walls to the daguerrotype prelim technology to the photograph and into the digital age of instant selfie-gratification. And, of course, this year’s publicity hungry lexicographical stunt from the OED was to name “selfie” its word of the year.

But, as with birthdays and unbirthdays of Lewis Carroll fame, one might also imagine a selfie and its altruistic counterpart. Rather than a self-promoting photo of yourself in your gold lamé boobtube, or that cerise sequinned mankini, how about, a photo that promotes something else…your favourite charidee, for instance.

It’s already becoming a trend. It’s the Winterval meme of choice to end 2013! I give you: the #unselfie

And, my chosen charity to which you should generously donate during this season of giving, Post-Cyber Monday is Cancer Research UK or your local equivalent, of course.

And, yes, that really is me in a Christmas pudding hat…


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