Top 15 tips for snow photos

Perennial tips for the perennial snow photos you’ll be taking this winter, assuming you can bear the cold.


  • Keep your camera cold to prevent condensation
  • Wrap up warm; don’t get frostbite or hypothermia for a photo
  • Keep your batteries warm, cold batteries drain faster
  • Make your gear accessible, avoid too many buttons and zips
  • Shoot RAW to give you the best options for getting exposure right
  • Use manual mode to prevent the camera overcompensating
  • Use a handheld lightmeter if you have one
  • Use a greycard for calibrating white balance to avoid blue hue
  • Notch up the EV slightly to overespose snow, adjust later in lightroom
  • Don’t delete anything until you get back to your “lightroom”
  • Watch out for footprints and other clutter that spoil the scene
  • Be creative just street furniture, trees, fences, horses etc to add interest to snow scenes
  • Once home, let your camera come back to room temperature slowly
  • Use your RAW image editor to bring out the details in the snow

15 Beginner Tips for Winter and Snow Photography |


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