Smells like Vick’s Sinex

Okay…so throat’s too sore to make TyrannoChorus choir rehearsal this evening, I’m coughing painfully but sporadically and trying not to spread germs everywhere. Mrs Sciencebase and the kids are out of the house. So I thought, it’s time I knuckled down and recorded a Nirvana cover.

So, if you ever wanted to know how “Smells Like Teen Spirit” might have turned out if Nirvana had all had a serious dose of manflu when they laid down the track, this is nothing like that…but it is what it sounds like when I record it in such a state. I haven’t even been dosed up to the nines on Night Nurse, snorting Vicks Sinex and supping strong hot toddies with paracetamol…honest.

This is just a chilled back, acoustic, aural druggy overdose. Oh and that drumming sound that’s my Christmas pressie from Mrs Sciencebase a cajón, beats drum loops any day and makes for a handy stool too..

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes…a mosquito, a burito, a neutrino, my tuxxedo…you know you wanna…go on, have a listen, doesn’t get anywhere near 11


via Songs, Snaps, Science


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