In the end – a song

A man could walk for many a day, on a path he chose to defend
Don’t think he found love on the way, took an oath in the end

His calling was strong, devotion was pure, 40 days of fear
Redemption and reason never a cure, the gift he was given unclear

Why do something when nothing will do, after all there’s no reason?
Without the words to tell the truth there can be no deceiving

Don’t think he knew his God as a friend, there wasn’t a right thing to do
Maybe his God was dead in the end and his purpose down to you

Why move a mountain a molehill would do, after all it’s the season?
Winds of change they just blow on through, faith is lost for a reason

In the end, there is no other way
In the end, no other day will do
In the end, this too will fade into the deepest blue
In the end, this too will fade into a deeper blue

Guitar, vocals, cajon – David Bradley
Recorded at ScienceBASS


via Songs, Snaps, Science


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