Shake off Flies – Mars 3113

having mused on the possibility of our escaping to the stars, I began wondering whether we might not just hope over to Mars and carry out a terraforming program there to give us a new home. There was a nice video showing Mars 4 billion years ago, how it had blue skies and oceans…a quick time reversal and a few credits and we have the story over the first stage terraformation in the year 3113. And, with a spot of ambient, funky blues electronica, indie rock trip hop to accompany it what more could you ask.

Also gives some reverse engineered meaning to ad libbed lyrics that really didn’t make sense when I first recorded the song earlier this week. Perhaps the shaking off of flies is an allusion to the death and decay we are creating on Earth and how pioneers might be able to shake off those flies by heading for Mars…perhaps not…

Shake off Flies

High on illusion
Safe in your delusion
A state of confusion
Running on empty diffusion

Time flies…miles and miles

On a trip, slip, lose your grip
Make it click with a trick, don’t fail

When they’re broken they can tell you who to fade
Fix focus on the grip
Time and tide will show you how how to change your mind

How to change the time. Shake off flies
Who to change. Shake off flies
For miles and miles

A new loop. Drive…

Guitars, vocals, drum and synth loop mixing – Dave Bradley
Recorded and mixed at ScienceBass Studios


via Songs, Snaps, Science


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