Gravity’s Rainbow

I laid down an attempted Nile-Style funky guitar lick weeks ago, but the recent discovery of gravitational waves from the Big Bang by scientists got me thinking about what brings us down…geddit?

Down, down, down, don’t let me down

If the fire’s on the inside, a naked flame can’t touch you
Gravity can’t pull you now the tide has turned there’s no return
Walking back the way you cam and hoping that you’d be the same
Holding back your tears but the fear is just too much for you
All the colours of gravity’s rainbow
Waves of pressure pushing you to fall
All the bruising from the grip of your halo
Aching with the pressure. That’s gotta bring you down
And the pressure that’s gonna bring you down, down, down

Words and Music by Dave Bradley
All vocals guitars, bass and drum loop mixing by DB


Gravity’s Rainbow as many of you will know was the title of Thomas Pynchon’s 1973 novel about the design of V-2 rockets by the German military at the end of World War II and the potentially devastating, but mysterious device, the “Schwarzgerät” (“black device”) to be installed in a rocket with the serial number “00000″. The title might variously refer to the parabolic trajectory of a V-2 rocket, the arc of the plot, light-bending property of gravity under Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the statistical, Poisson distribution, pattern of impacts from rocket-bombs and the introduction of randomness into physics through quantum mechanics, and, of course, the animating effect of mortality on the human imagination. But, don’t get any of that bring you down, just get down!


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