Sciencebass hits iTunes

I’ve finally hit iTunes as my musical alter ego SCIENCEBASS with an eclectic mix of alternative, indie rock singer-songwriter stuff, both electric and acoustic, with a flick or two of funk and a splash of prog rock. Check it out here, guys. Do I have to start using words like “guys” and ending sentences with “maaaan” now? And, that name? Yes, there’s lots of Geddyish bass…


Words and music by David Bradley; vocals, guitars, bass guitar DB, recorded and mixed by DB at the sciencebass studios. Winter Warmer features the wonderful synth work of the Manc Roger Waters Derek “Monostone” Ham, drum programming and groove by Adrian “Don’t Look, Listen” Hillier on Dawn Chorus, sax solo on Escape to the Stars by international composer Eddie “Andoran” Bryant. My debut album is also available on amazon, and coming soon on Spotify, Rdio, Beats and Deezer.

If you like Athlete, The Beatles, Blur (and Oasis), David Bowie, (dare I mention him: Phil Collins), Peter Gabriel, Alex Lifeson, Placebo, Gerry Rafferty, REM, Nile Rodgers, Rush, Squeeze, Steely Dan, Cat Stevens (Yusuf), Glenn Tilbrook, then you might be able to just about bear a few bars of one or two of my songs…

A few nice words from critics on the songwriter circuit:

“Every time, I listen to one of your compositions I’m always amazed by the quality of your singing… It’s almost like an instrument…”

“Superb bass!!”

“Crazy good vocals and guitars!”

“Oh this is so sweet…perfect harmony”


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