SoundCloud shout out

As many of you know I share a lot of my recorded music – original songs and cover versions of a few classics – on SoundCloud, have been doing so since November 2008. The site lets you see how many listens each of your tracks gets as well as the countries the listeners are in, it also lets you see which fellow SoundCloud users are listening. Many of us on SoundCloud also comment/critique each other’s output and have private chats via the messaging. So, here’s a shout out to a few of SoundCloud friends, do give their stuff a listen, in no particular order:

Additional special mentions to Andrea T, Instragrammer extraordinaire MekeLeFleur, the beautiful voice of Achazia, Dr Remy who encouraged me to record very early on,

I’d also like to add I’m rather proud to have listeners in the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, France, Australia, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Japan, Norway, Belgium, Singapore, Switzerland, India, Austria, Mexico, Sweden, Turkey, Pakistan, Argentina, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Finland, Romania, Egypt, Russian Federation, Israel, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Denmark, Poland, Peru, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Thailand, Greece, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Chile, Serbia, Slovenia, Colombia, Taiwan, Province of China…


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