Until I Met You – a song

I know a lot of people have a lot of negative things to say about social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. My personal view, is that they are just tools, they’re tools for connecting people, for communication, and despite the perennial privacy concerns, the trolls, the spam, the #BS, I find these tools to be a wonderful way to meet and work with people I might otherwise never know.

One relatively new friend is Aussie graphic designer and guitar maker Steve Guest. We frequently swap comments, opinions and anecdotes on Facebook. Recently, he pointed me to a collection of songs he ha put together. The most recent entitled “Until I Met You” really tugged at my heart strings and I asked if he’d mind me attempting a cover version, so I did, built a drum track, recorded an acoustic guitar track on my Taylor, did the vocals and recorded a bassline.

Steve has also created some artwork for his lovely ballad to illustrate my cover version of his song. I hope I’ve gone some way to doing Steve’s song justice with my voice, guitar and bass playing.

Until I met you

Spent all my life as a simple man
Never had no money, no long term plans
No thoughts of the future, no need to settle down

Til I met you

When I was young I never thought that I’d meet someone,
who would change my mind
Sometimes you just need time to realise,
that it takes someone to be the prize
Sometimes you take some time to realise,
that the special one, will see you through

As I look back over the passing years
I see lots of changes, laughter and tears
There is nothing more that I want to do but spend my time with you


via Imaging Storm http://ift.tt/1x7oaJy


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