Take my hand – a song

This song had a few working titles: UnGospel, Saints&Sinners and The Gospel According to a Nobody, but as the lyrics settled in, I realised it is spiritual but not religious, a prayer to a lover about living life together and not being burdened my notions of worlds of wonder beyond the shores of fate…

Take my hand

There are no saints only sinners, No prophets,
No judgements full of hate
No happy ever afters spent in wonder
No world beyond the distant shores of fate

You might dream that there’s a ghost in the machine
But your dreams are only mists upon the waves

So take my hand, take my hand
I can’t lead you to a promised land
But take my hand, and be there with me
We will play our time like ripples in the sand

There are no answers in your breathing, No wisdom,
No salve to take away the pain
The sea is as wide as the summer
And pity is the sound of falling rain

Geordie & Western Words & Music DB
Guitar, vocals, bass, slide guitar DB
Mixed at Sciencebass

Aldeburgh sunrise photo by DB


via Dave Bradley Music http://j.mp/1pqNhT6


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