Facebook breaks Opera

ClassicFM is reporting that Opera Australia soprano Tamar Iveri has been “released from her contract” following a storm that erupted when homophobic remarks appeared on her Facebook page. The singer says the original message, posted 18 months ago, was written by her husband who was using her account at the time…

Well, whatever the story, the outcome should serve as a warning to everyone who uses social media (which is almost everyone these days). No matter how much you trust your significant other, members of your family or your friends, there might come a time when one or more of you is/are (a) seriously intoxicated (b) seriously annoyed (c) seriously messing about (or any combination of those three) and at least one person is logged in at the time…and someone thinks it’s a good idea to post something on someone else’s behalf.

Stay safe: keep your passwords to yourself and make sure you’re logged out when you’re not in physical possession of your smartphone, laptop, tablet etc…just saying.

Opera Australia sacks soprano after homophobic rant.


via Dave Bradley Music http://j.mp/1r4tL1C


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