Sunnyside Upside Down

I usually come up with a chord progression or a riff for a new song first and then ad lib a melody with some random words over the top. Occasionally, I sing something into my phone while out walking the dog and then struggle to retro-fit the chords to my melody. This time, it wasn’t so hard…the chord sequence isn’t anything complicated – E – B – E – A – E – F#7 – B7 etc with two turnarounds E to C#7 to F#m back to A and one with an E to the B to A to Am. I assume that’s fairly standard stuff.

The words were originally based around the phrase “born with my brightside upside down, but then inspiration struck, sunnyside down…hence the fried egg for the graphic. It’s kind of a gospel song, but it’s not religious…if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Gospel, comes from the original “god spell” meaning “good story”…


via Dave Bradley Music


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