Take me home, country roads

There’s a line in a Madonna song: “time goes by, so slowly”. Well I can attest it doesn’t, it’s a quarter of a century since my personal British invasion of the US with a bunch of fellow students descending on a summer camp in West Virginia and it seems like only yesterday. Needless to say given our location, the old John Denver song became an obvious anthem for our reunions once we were back in Blighty. Anyway, a quick demo of the song rattled off in a morning with ma good ole acoustic geetar, a MIDI drum track and an attempt at country harmonies. We got both kinds of music here, boy, country AND western…yes, that’s a rather youthful me in the photo taken by Suly Uberman.


UPDATE (2014-08-26): 26th Anniversary of Timber Ridge was Great in ’88 – remix. (Originally published at 21:12 on 24th May 2013)


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Love is in the Air

A cover song for my parents, one of their favourites from the 70s, “Love is in the Air”, made famous by Scottish-born Australian pop singer John Paul “Squeak” Young, not to be confused with Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. The song was written by Harry Vanda and George Young who were part of 1960s Aussie rock group The Easybeats . Harry Young is the older brother of AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus Young.

Overall arrangement by DB, vocals, guitars and bass DB built on a MIDI percussion and strings track.


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Printing my photos

Imaging Storm photographer David Bradley, that’s me, has joined Fine Art America to offer you beautiful prints of some of his photographic works. Slowly but steadily adding artwork to galleries on the site for your delectation, lots of options on print material (canvas, acrylic, metal), frames and such as well as the option to buy as art prints or even packs of greetings cards. Check it out here:

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