A horse with no name

Jo, one of our percussionists and backing singers in the Cottenham Coffeeshop Collective suggested we do a cover of the America song A horse with no name, so I borrowed a MIDI drumtrack for the song complete with congas and such and did a quick arrangement singing with my guitar, added some harmony parts, did a bassline and then got my daughter to clack a couple of plastic cups together (in the absence of coconut shells) to get a sound like a horse walking off in to the distance for the fade.

I heard this song as a child growing up and in my teens, without doublechecking, assumed it was Neil Young. I’m not alone, apparently lots of people over the years have assumed it’s Young when in fact it’s a band from Reading (near London) formed by three gents who just happened to be the sons of American servicemen stationed in the UK. Anyway, that aside, there is confusion surrounding Ryan Adams where hecklers in his audiences often shout out the titles of songs by Bryan Adams, such as Run to you and Summer of ’69. Apparently, he performer the former song with his band live recently to shut down the endless heckling.

Meanwhile, here’s my rendition of A horse with no name




via Sound and Vision http://j.mp/1pLyWxN


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